• 1Short Studies on Great Subjects , James Anthony Froude (1877)
    1877. Froude believed that the objective of writing history was simply to record human actions and, as such, should be written as a drama. Accordingly, in his historic accounts he gives prominence to… 1322 руб

  • 2Pride and Prejudice , Джейн Остин (2013)
    От издателя:Jane Austen’s best-loved novel is a memorable story about the inaccuracy of first impressions, about the power of reason, and above all, about the strange dynamics of human… 371 грн (только Украина)

  • 3Pride and Prejudice , Austen J. (2016)
    A tour de force of wit and sparkling dialogue, Pride and Prejudice shows how the headstrong Elizabeth Bennet and the aristocratic Mr Darcy must have their pride humbled and their prejudices dissolved… 836 руб

  • 4Adjustment Computations. Spatial Data Analysis , Charles Ghilani D.
    The definitive guide to bringing accuracy to measurement, updated and supplemented Adjustment Computations is the classic textbook for spatial information analysis and adjustment computations… 14285.06 руб электронная книга