verb /foɻˈseɪk/
To abandon, to give up, to leave (permanently), to renounce.

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  • Forsake — For*sake , v. t. [imp. {Forsook}; p. p. {Forsaken}; p. pr. & vb. n. {Forsaking}.] [AS. forsacan to oppose, refuse; for + sacan to contend, strive; akin to Goth. sakan. See {For }, and {Sake}.] 1. To quit or leave entirely; to desert; to abandon;… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • forsake — [fôr sāk′, fərsāk′] vt. forsook, forsaken, forsaking [ME forsaken < OE forsacan, to oppose, forsake < for , FOR + sacan, to contend, strive < sacu: see SAKE1] 1. to give up; renounce (a habit, idea, etc.) 2. to leave; abandon SYN …   English World dictionary

  • forsake — index abandon (physically leave), abandon (relinquish), abandon (withdraw), avoid (evade), default, defect …   Law dictionary

  • forsake — (v.) O.E. forsacan object to, decline, oppose, refuse, deny, from for completely + sacan to deny, refuse (see SAKE (Cf. sake)) …   Etymology dictionary

  • forsake — desert, *abandon Analogous words: repudiate, spurn, reject (see DECLINE): *abdicate, renounce, resign: quit, leave (see GO) Antonyms: return to: revert to …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • forsake — meaning ‘to give up, go without’, is spelt for not fore , and has inflected forms forsook, forsaken. See for and fore …   Modern English usage

  • forsake — [v] abandon, turn one’s back on abdicate, cast off, change one’s tune*, desert, disclaim, disown, drift away*, forgo, forswear, give up, have done with, jettison, jilt, kiss goodbye*, leave, leave flat*, leave high and dry*, quit, relinquish,… …   New thesaurus

  • forsake — ► VERB (past forsook; past part. forsaken) chiefly literary 1) abandon. 2) renounce or give up. ORIGIN Old English …   English terms dictionary

  • forsake — [[t]fə(r)s ʊk[/t]] forsaken 1) VERB (disapproval) If you forsake someone, you leave them when you should have stayed, or stop you helping them or looking after them. [LITERARY] [V n] I still love him and I would never forsake him. [V n]… …   English dictionary

  • forsake — verb past tense forsook past participle forsaken noun (T) literary 1 to leave someone, especially when you should stay because they need you: God will never forsake you. 2 to stop doing or leave something that you have or enjoy: We had to forsake …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • forsake — UK [fə(r)ˈseɪk] / US [fərˈseɪk] verb [transitive] Word forms forsake : present tense I/you/we/they forsake he/she/it forsakes present participle forsaking past tense forsook UK [fə(r)ˈsʊk] / US [fərˈsʊk] past participle forsaken UK [fə(r)ˈseɪkən] …   English dictionary

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