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  • circumvolute — Twisted around; rolled about. [L. circum volvo, pp. volutus, to roll around] * * * cir·cum·vo·lute (sur″kəm voґlūt) [circum + volute] twisted about …   Medical dictionary

  • circumvolute — cir·cum·vo·lute …   English syllables

  • circumvolute —   v.t. twist; wind round.    ♦ circumvolution, n. revolution; fold; circumlocution.    ♦ circumvolutory, a …   Dictionary of difficult words

  • circumvolute — verb wind or turn in volutions, especially in an inward spiral, as of snail • Hypernyms: ↑wind, ↑twist, ↑curve • Verb Frames: Something s Something is ing PP …   Useful english dictionary

  • circumvolution — noun revolution, rotation or gyration around an axis See Also: circumvolute …   Wiktionary

  • ChaSan — Chasan(pastry)(Chinese:茶馓) is a traditional Chinese pastry that is popular in Jiangsu Province, China, and especially in Huai an, a historic city which is considered as the home of Chasan. Chasan has a beautiful colour of golden brown. It s… …   Wikipedia

  • circle — Synonyms and related words: O, acquaintance, advance, alentours, alternate, ambience, ambit, anklet, annular muscle, annulus, anthelion, antisun, aphelion, apogee, arc, arena, areola, armlet, arsis, ascend, associates, astronomical longitude,… …   Moby Thesaurus

  • circulate — Synonyms and related words: advertise, air, announce, become public, break, bring out, broadcast, bruit about, buzz about, circle, circuit, circuiteer, circumambulate, circummigrate, circumnavigate, circumrotate, circumvent, circumvolute, close… …   Moby Thesaurus

  • crank — Synonyms and related words: L, Tartar, abnormal, aficionado, alien, angle, angle off, anomalous, apex, bar, beam, bear, bee, bellyacher, bend, bifurcate, bifurcation, bight, boom, boutade, brainstorm, branch, branks, buff, bug, cant, cant hook,… …   Moby Thesaurus

  • go around — Synonyms and related words: advance, answer, ascend, avail, back, back up, be equal to, bear, budge, bypass, change, change place, circle, circuit, circuiteer, circulate, circumambulate, circummigrate, circumnavigate, circumrotate, circumvent,… …   Moby Thesaurus

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