To predict to be smaller than is the case
See Also: underprediction

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  • underpredict — ¦ ̷ ̷  ̷ ̷  ̷ ̷ ¦ ̷ ̷ transitive verb Etymology: under (I) + predict : to predict too small a value for : underestimate the model also underpredicted imports and overestimated exports Anatole Kaletsky • underprediction ˌ ̷ ̷  ̷ ̷  ̷ ̷ ˈ ̷ ̷  ̷ ̷ …   Useful english dictionary

  • Clustering illusion — The clustering illusion refers to the tendency erroneously to perceive small samples from random distributions to have significant streaks or clusters , caused by a human tendency to underpredict the amount of variability likely to appear in a… …   Wikipedia

  • Secondary structure prediction — is a set of techniques in bioinformatics that aim to predict the local secondary structures of proteins and RNA sequences based only on knowledge of their primary structure amino acid or nucleotide sequence, respectively. For proteins, a… …   Wikipedia

  • STRIDE (protein) — In protein structure, STRIDE (Structural identification) is an algorithm for the assignment of protein secondary structure elements given the atomic coordinates of the protein, as defined by X ray crystallography, protein NMR, or another protein… …   Wikipedia

  • overpredict — verb To predict to be higher than the actual value The harvest was overpredicted because the forecasters did not anticipate the dry weather. See Also: underpredict …   Wiktionary

  • underprediction — noun A prediction that is smaller that is the case Ant: overprediction See Also: underpredict …   Wiktionary

  • underprediction — noun see underpredict …   Useful english dictionary

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