1. noun /oʊkeɪ/

We can start as soon as we get the OK.

b) a state of the United States of America.
2. verb /oʊkeɪ/
a) To approve.

I dont want to OK this amount of money.

b) To confirm by activating a button marked OK.

Type a suitable name for your Marker and OK the dialogue box.

3. adjective /oʊkeɪ/
a) all right, permitted

Do you think its OK to stay here for the night?

The soup was OK, but the dessert was excellent.

4. adverb /oʊkeɪ/

The team did OK in the playoffs.

5. interjection /oʊkeɪ/
a) Used to indicate acknowledgement or acceptance.

I promise to give it back. Reply: OK.

b) An utterance expressing exasperation, similar to "all right!"

Lets meet again this afternoon. Reply: OK.

Syn: all right, now, now then

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