a type of fibrous, immovable joint such as the one between the teeth and the alveolar bone

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  • Gomphosis — The permanent teeth, viewed from the right. Latin syndesmosis dentoalveolaris Gray s …   Wikipedia

  • gomphosis — [gäm fō′sis] n. pl. gomphoses [ModL < Gr gomphōsis, a nailing together < gomphos, a nail, bolt, tooth: see COMB1] a form of immovable joint in which a bone or other hard part, as a tooth, fits into a socket …   English World dictionary

  • Gomphosis — Gom*pho sis, n. [NL., fr. Gr. ?, prop., a bolting together, fr. ? to fasten with bolts or nails, ? bolt, nail: cf. F. gomphose.] (Anat.) A form of union or immovable articulation where a hard part is received into the cavity of a bone, as the… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Gomphosis — Als Gomphosis (griechisch gomphosis ‚Einkeilung‘) bezeichnet man eine spezielle Form eines unechten Gelenks, bei der Knochen ineinander verkeilt sind. Zusätzlich werden die Knochen durch Bindegewebsfasern stabilisiert, die Gomphosis gehört… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • gomphosis — A form of fibrous joint in which a peglike process fits into a hole, as the root of a tooth into the socket in the alveolus. SYN: articulatio dentoalveolaris, dentoalveolar joint, gompholic joint, peg and socket articulation, peg and socket joint …   Medical dictionary

  • Gomphosis — įkaltinė jungtis statusas T sritis gyvūnų anatomija, gyvūnų morfologija atitikmenys: lot. Articulatio dentoalveolaris; Gomphosis ryšiai: platesnis terminas – jungiamojo audinio sąnariai sinonimas – danties šaknies ir alveolės sąnarys …   Veterinarinės anatomijos, histologijos ir embriologijos terminai

  • gomphosis — gämˈfōsə̇s noun ( es) Etymology: New Latin, from Greek gomphōsis, literally, a bolting together, from gomphoun to fasten with bolts (from gomphos) + sis : a union or immovable articulation in which a hard part is received into a bone cavity (as… …   Useful english dictionary

  • gomphosis — /gom foh sis/, n., pl. gomphoses / foh seez/. Anat. an immovable articulation in which one bone or part is received in a cavity in another, as a tooth in its socket. [1570 80; < NL < Gk gompho , verbid s. of gomphoûn to bolt together (deriv. of… …   Universalium

  • gomphosis — n. immovable junction of two parts (i.e. tooth in its socket) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • gomphosis — gom·pho·sis …   English syllables

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