aldaric acid

aldaric acid
Any of a group of polyhydroxy dicarboxylic acids derived from an aldose by oxidation at both terminal carbon atoms.

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  • Aldaric acid — is a group of sugar acids characterised by the formula HOOC (CHOH)n COOH. Aldaric acids are usually synthesized by the oxidation of aldoses with nitric acid. In this reaction it is the open chain (polyhydroxyaldehyde) form of the sugar that… …   Wikipedia

  • aldaric acid — One of a group of sugar acids characterized by the formula HOOC (CHOH)n COOH; e.g., saccharic acid. * * * al·dar·ic ac·id (al darґik) any of various dicarboxylic acids resulting from oxidation of both terminal groups of an aldose to carboxyl… …   Medical dictionary

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  • Aldonic acid — An aldonic acid is any of a family of sugar acids obtained by oxidation of the aldehyde functional group of an aldoses to form a carboxylic acid functional group. Thus, their general chemical formula is HOOC (CHOH)n CH2OH. Oxidation of the… …   Wikipedia

  • Sugar acid — Sugar acids are monosaccharides that have had an OH group oxidized to a carboxyl group.Main classes of sugar acids include: * Aldonic acids, in which the aldehyde functional group of an aldose is oxidized * Uronic acids, in which the terminal… …   Wikipedia

  • tartaric acid — noun a) a white crystalline acid that occurs naturally in many plants, and in wine; it is used as the salts cream of tartar and Rochelle salt b) The aldaric acid, 2,3 dihydroxy succinic acid Syn: erythraric acid …   Wiktionary

  • xylaric acid — noun The aldaric acid derived from xylose …   Wiktionary

  • tetraric acid — noun Any aldaric acid having four carbon atoms …   Wiktionary

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