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  • unintermitting — index chronic, continuous, durable, incessant, relentless Burton s Legal Thesaurus. William C. Burton. 2006 …   Law dictionary

  • unintermitting — adj. * * * …   Universalium

  • unintermitting — adj …   Useful english dictionary

  • Diuturnity — (Roget s Thesaurus) >Long duration. < N PARAG:Diuturnity >N GRP: N 1 Sgm: N 1 diuturnity diuturnity Sgm: N 1 a long time a long time a length of time Sgm: N 1 an age an age a century an eternity Sgm: N 1 slowness slowness …   English dictionary for students

  • Perseverance — (Roget s Thesaurus) < N PARAG:Perseverance >N GRP: N 1 Sgm: N 1 perseverance perseverance Sgm: N 1 continuance continuance &c.(inaction) 143 Sgm: N 1 permanence permanence &c.(absence of change) 141 Sgm: N 1 firmness firmness &c.(stability) …   English dictionary for students

  • ἀδιαλείπτως — ἀδιάλειπτος unintermitting adverbial ἀδιάλειπτος unintermitting masc/fem acc pl (doric) …   Greek morphological index (Ελληνική μορφολογικούς δείκτες)

  • ἀδιάλειπτον — ἀδιάλειπτος unintermitting masc/fem acc sg ἀδιάλειπτος unintermitting neut nom/voc/acc sg …   Greek morphological index (Ελληνική μορφολογικούς δείκτες)

  • Denis Vairasse — d Allais was a French writer born around 1630 and died in 1672.[1] Photograph of the work He is especially known for his Utopian novel, History of Sevarambes …   Wikipedia

  • continuous — I adjective ceaseless, consecutive, constant, continual, continuing, endless, extended, following, incessant, never ending, perennial, perpetual, progressive, prolonged, repeated, running, sequential, steady, sustained, unbroken, unceasing,… …   Law dictionary

  • chronic — I adjective ceaseless, confirmed, constant, continual, continuing, continuous, cyclical, deep rooted, deep seated, drawn out, endless, enduring, entrenched, established, ever present, everlasting, extended, forever, frequent, habitual,… …   Law dictionary

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