Any derivative of phosphatidylserine in which one or both acyl derivatives have been removed by hydrolysis

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  • Lysophosphatidylserine — is a lysophospholipid which triggers TLR 2.A recent study showed that it does not stimulate normal leukocytes.cite journal |author=Park KS, Lee HY, Kim MK, Shin EH, Bae YS |title=Lysophosphatidylserine stimulates leukemic cells but not normal… …   Wikipedia

  • lysophosphatidylserine — Phosphatidylserine from which one fatty acid residue has been removed from the glycerol moiety, typically at carbon 2. Cf.:lysophosphatidic acid …   Medical dictionary

  • Kringle domain — Pfam box Symbol = Kringle Name = width = caption = Bovine prothrombin fragment 1 in complex with calcium and lysophosphatidylserine Pfam= PF00051 InterPro= IPR000001 SMART= KR PROSITE = PDOC00020 SCOP = 1pk4 TCDB = OPM family= OPM protein= 1nl2… …   Wikipedia

  • TLR-2/translation of German TLR-2 page — TLR 2 is the name of a biomolecule that plays a role in the human immune system. It is a membrane protein, referred to as a receptor, that sits on the surface of certain cells and is able to recognize foreign or host molecules and transmit… …   Wikipedia

  • lysophospholipid — noun Any derivative of a phospholipid in which one or both acyl derivatives have been removed by hydrolysis See Also: lysophosphatidylcholine, lysolecithin, lysophosphatidylethanolamine, lysocephalin, lysophosphatidylinositol,… …   Wiktionary

  • lysocephalin — A lysophosphatidic acid esterified with serine or ethanolamine, i.e., a lysophosphatidylserine or ethanolamine; analogous to lysolecithin. * * * ly·so·ceph·a·lin .lī sō sef ə lin n a phosphatidylethanolamine from which a fatty acid group has been …   Medical dictionary

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