a) Able to be roped and so restrained.

Ont ole Martin be ropeable when he sees that fence! (Such is Life, Tom Collins)

b) Angry to the point of needing to be roped or restrained

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  • ropeable — adj Australian furious or berserk. A slang interpreta tion of the notion contained in the col loquial expression fit to be tied . Well when we broke the news to her I tell you, she was ropeable …   Contemporary slang

  • ropeable — /ˈroʊpəbəl / (say rohpuhbuhl) adjective 1. capable of being roped. 2. (of animals) wild; intractable. 3. Colloquial extremely angry or bad tempered: * On t ole Martin be ropeable when he sees that fence! –joseph furphy, 1903. Also, ropable …  

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