Having no isolated points.

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  • Dense-in-itself — In mathematics, a subset A of a topological space is said to be dense in itself if A contains no isolated points. Every dense in itself closed set is perfect. Conversely, every perfect set is dense in itself. A simple example of a set which is… …   Wikipedia

  • Dense set — In topology and related areas of mathematics, a subset A of a topological space X is called dense (in X) if any point x in X belongs to A or is a limit point of A.[1] Informally, for every point in X, the point is either in A or arbitrarily close …   Wikipedia

  • Dense order — In mathematics, a partial order ≤ on a set X is said to be dense if, for all x and y in X for which x < y, there is a z in X such that x < z < y. The rational numbers with the ordinary ordering are a densely ordered set in this sense, as …   Wikipedia

  • Dense heterarchy — Hierarchical organization in social insect colonies can be thought of as a dense heterarchy in which the higher levels affect the lower levels and lower levels eventually influence the higher levels. Individual ants within the colony network are… …   Wikipedia

  • Nowhere dense set — A subset A of a topological space X is nowhere dense in X if and only if the interior of the closure of A is empty. The order of operations is important. For example, the set of rational numbers, as a subset of R has the property that the closure …   Wikipedia

  • Big Bang — This article is about the cosmological model. For the sitcom, see The Big Bang Theory. For other uses, see Big Bang (disambiguation) …   Wikipedia

  • Density (disambiguation) — Density and dense usually refer to a measure of how much of some entity is within a fixed amount of space. Types of density include: In physics, density of mass: Density, mass per volume Area density or surface density, mass over a (two… …   Wikipedia

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  • Isolated point — 0 is an isolated point of A In topology, a branch of mathematics, a point x of a set S is called an isolated point of S, if there exists a neighborhood of x not containing other points of S. In particular, in a Euclidean space (or in a …   Wikipedia

  • Vertical draft — For the band, see Air Pocket (band) An updraft or downdraft is the vertical movement of air as a weather related phenomenon. One of two forces causes the air to move. Localized regions of warm or cool air will exhibit vertical movement. A mass of …   Wikipedia

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