The measurement of the sizes of mineral grains in sedimentary rock

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  • Granulometry — is the measurement of the size distribution in a collection of grains.* Granulometry (morphology): Granulometry computation using the morphological opening operation. * Optical Granulometry: Computation of granulometries from images, and its use… …   Wikipedia

  • Granulometry (morphology) — In mathematical morphology, granulometry is an approach to compute a size distribution of grains in binary images, using a series of morphological opening operations. It was introduced by Georges Matheron in the 1960 s, and is the basis for the… …   Wikipedia

  • granulometry — Смотри Гранулометрия …   Энциклопедический словарь по металлургии

  • Optical Granulometry — is the process of measuring the different grain sizes in a granular material [ [ cp=11809 Definition of granularity] at GEMET] , based on a photograph. Technology has been created to analyze a… …   Wikipedia

  • Optical granulometry — is the process of measuring the different grain sizes in a granular material[1], based on a photograph. Technology has been created to analyze a photograph and create statistics based on what the picture portrays. This information is vital in… …   Wikipedia

  • Гранулометрия — [granulometry, grainsize classification] совокупность приемов определения гранулометрического состава (содержания зерен или гранул разной крупности (в процентах от массы или количества зерен исследованного образца) рыхлых горных пород или… …   Энциклопедический словарь по металлургии

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  • Crystallite — Galvanized surface with visible crystallites of zinc. Crystallites in the steel under the coating are microscopic. Crystallites are small, often microscopic crystals that, held together through highly defective boundaries, constitute a… …   Wikipedia

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