A form of lectin derived from collagen

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  • Collectin — Collectins are soluble pattern recognition receptors (PRRs) belonging to the superfamily of collagen containing C type lectins. Eight collectins have been identified including mannan binding lectin (MBL), surfactant protein A (SP A), surfactant… …   Wikipedia

  • Collectin liver 1 — collectin sub family member 10 (C type lectin) Identifiers Symbol COLEC10 Alt. symbols CL L1 Entrez 10584 …   Wikipedia

  • Collectin of 43 kDa — (CL 43) is a collectin protein that acts as an antigen recognition protein. When an agent, zymosan, was injected into the tunicate Styela plicata (causing inflammation), secretion of this collectin was tripled within 96 hours.[1] References ^ …   Wikipedia

  • Collectin of 46 kDa — (CL 46) is a collectin protein. It has two cysteine residues on the N terminal segment, a hydrophilic loop near the carbohydrate recognition domain s binding site, and a N glycosylation site in the collagen region. It is expressed in bovine liver …   Wikipedia

  • collectin — Family of collagenous lectins believed to play an important part in first line defence by binding to viruses and by opsonizing yeasts and bacteria. Contain a collagen like region and a C type lectin domain. Pulmonary surfactant proteins A and D… …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • Conglutinin — collectin sub family member 8 (conglutinin) Identifiers Symbol COLEC8 Entrez 50638 HUGO …   Wikipedia

  • Pattern recognition receptor — Pattern recognition receptors (PRRs) are a primitive part of the immune system. They are proteins expressed by cells of the innate immune system to identify pathogen associated molecular patterns (PAMPs), which are associated with microbial… …   Wikipedia

  • Mannose-bindendes Lektin — Masse/Länge Primärstruktur 228 Aminosäuren …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • VLA-2 — Интегрин альфа 2 Структура белка ITGA2 Обозначения …   Википедия

  • Calreticulin — PDB rendering based on 1hhn …   Wikipedia

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