Having the shape of a mummy.

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  • Mummiform — Mum mi*form, a. [Mummy + form.] Having some resemblance to a mummy; in zo[ o]logy, said of the pup[ae] of certain insects. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • mummiform — mum·mi·form …   English syllables

  • mummiform — ˈməməˌfȯrm adjective Etymology: mummy (I) + form : resembling or suggestive of a mummy in appearance …   Useful english dictionary

  • Mummy — For other uses, see Mummy (disambiguation). An Egyptian mummy kept in the Vatican Museums. A mummy is a body, human or animal, whose skin and organs have been preserved by either intentional or incidental exposure to chemicals, extreme coldness… …   Wikipedia

  • Crown Prince Thutmose — Thutmose the Crown Prince Sarcophagus of the Crown Prince Thutmose s cat, Ta miu Occupation Prince of Egypt …   Wikipedia

  • Claude Nowell — Claude Rex Nowell, also known as Corky King, Corky Ra, and Summum Bonum Amon Ra (November 2, 1944 – January 29, 2008), was the founder of Summum, a 501(c)(3), philosophical and religious organization that practices a modern form of mummification… …   Wikipedia

  • Osiris — God of the Dead.     Osiris was probably Egypt s best known god and received worship for over two thousand years. According to mythology, he was originally a human ruler who had brought civilisation to his country and was later deified. He was… …   Ancient Egypt

  • Osiris — For other uses, see Osiris (disambiguation). Osiris Osiris, lord of the dead. His green skin symbolizes re birth. God of the afterlife Name in hieroglyphs …   Wikipedia

  • Life-death-rebirth deity — The category life death rebirth deity also known as a dying and rising or Resurrection deity is a convenient means of classifying the many divinities in world mythology or religion who are born, suffer death, an eclipse, or other death like… …   Wikipedia

  • Thutmose III — Tuthmosis III, Manahpi(r)ya in the Amarna letters Thutmosis III statue in Luxor Museum Pharaoh of Egyp …   Wikipedia

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