1. noun /ˈmɪɹə,ˈmɪɹɚ/
a) smooth, reflective surface.

This skeleton was deposited a little to the south of the center of the tumulus; and about 20 feet to the north of it was another, with which were 5th. A large mirrour about 3 feet in breadth and 1-1/2 inches in thickness.

b) object, person, or event that reflects or gives a picture of another.

RIGHT Honourable, It was my good happe not longe since, in a Friends House, to light vpon a briefe History of the Life, Arraignement, and Death of that Mirrour of all true Honour, and Vertue Syr Thomas More, who by his Wisdome, Learning, & Santity, hath eternized his Name, Coutrey, & Profession, throughout the Christian World, with immortall Glory, and Renowne.

2. verb /ˈmɪɹə,ˈmɪɹɚ/
(resemble, be identical to).

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