space tourism

space tourism
space travel for recreational, leisure or business purposes.

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  • Space tourism — is the recent phenomenon of tourists paying for flights into space pioneered by Russia.As of 2008, orbital space tourism opportunities are limited and expensive, with only the Russian Space Agency providing transport. The price for a flight… …   Wikipedia

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  • space tourism — /speɪs ˈtʊərɪzəm/ (say spays toouhrizuhm) noun commercial tourism catering to individuals who wish to experience travel in outer space. –space tourist, noun …  

  • EADS Astrium Space Tourism Project — The EADS Astrium Space Tourism Project, also called EADS Astrium TBN according to some sources [Radio interview of French ESA astronaut Jean François Clervoy, during the show of Jacques Pradel on Europe 1, June 21, 2007] , has been officially… …   Wikipedia

  • Space exploration — is the use of astronomy and space technology to explore outer space. [cite web | url = ex/exploration.html | title = How Space is Explored | publisher = NASA] Physical exploration of space is conducted …   Wikipedia

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  • Space Adventures — Space Adventures, Ltd Тип частная компания Год основания 1998 Расположение Виенна, Вирджиния, США Отрасль …   Википедия

  • Space science — is an all encompassing term that describes all of the various science fields that are concerned with the study of the Universe, generally also meaning excluding the Earth and outside of the Earth s atmosphere . Originally, all of these fields… …   Wikipedia

  • Space elevator economics — compared and contrasted with the economics of alternatives, like rockets. Costs of current systems (rockets) The costs of using a well tested system to launch payloads are high. Prices range from about $4,300/kg for a Proton launch [cite web… …   Wikipedia

  • Space Nursing Society — (SNS) is an international space advocacy organization devoted to space nursing and the contribution to space exploration by Registered Nurses. SNS is an affliated, non profit special interest group associated with the National Space… …   Wikipedia

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