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  • sending-off — ˌsending ˈoff f35 [sending off sendings ofs] noun (pl. sendings off)(BrE) (in football ( ↑ …   Useful english dictionary

  • sending-off — sendings off N COUNT: oft poss N If there is a sending off during a game of soccer, a player is told to leave the field by the referee, as a punishment for seriously breaking the rules. He is about to begin a three match ban after his third… …   English dictionary

  • Off for the Sweet Hereafter — is a 1986 novel by T. R. Pearson. The story opens with a sentence over 400 words long: That was the summer we lost the bald Jeeter who was not even mostly Jeeter anymore but was probably mostly Throckmorton or anyway was probably considered… …   Wikipedia

  • Off-site data protection — In computing, off site data protection, or vaulting, is the strategy of sending critical data out of the main location (off the main site) as part of a disaster recovery plan. Data is usually transported off site using removable storage media… …   Wikipedia

  • Off*beat — Infobox original English manga name = Off*beat imagesize = 200 caption = Cover, Off*beat volume 1 genre = Drama, Romance, Boys love Romance = y author = Jennifer Lee Quick illustrator = publisher = flagicon|United States Tokyopop publisher other …   Wikipedia

  • Off Beat (comics) — For other uses, see Offbeat (disambiguation). Off Beat Cover of Off*beat vol. 1 (2005). Art by Jennifer Lee Quick. Genre Drama, Romance, Boys love Author Jennifer L …   Wikipedia

  • Off the ball — For the BBC Radio Scotland Football program, see Off the Ball (radio series). Off the ball (or OTB) is a term used in football in the UK, usually associated with a players movement when not in possession of the football. It can also be used for… …   Wikipedia

  • send off — phrasal verb [transitive] Word forms send off : present tense I/you/we/they send off he/she/it sends off present participle sending off past tense sent off past participle sent off 1) to post something to someone I must get the parcel sent off… …   English dictionary

  • send off — 1) PHRASAL VERB When you send off a letter or package, you send it somewhere by post. [V P n (not pron)] He sent off copies to various people for them to read and make comments. [Also V n P] 2) PHRASAL VERB: usu passive If a soccer player is sent …   English dictionary

  • send somebody off — ˌsend sbˈoff derived (BrE) (in a sports game) to order sb to leave the field because they have broken the rules of the game • Beckham was sent off for a foul in the second half. related noun ↑sending off Main en …   Useful english dictionary

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