descriptive adjective

descriptive adjective
an adjective that describes a noun

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  • descriptive adjective — noun an adjective that ascribes to its noun the value of an attribute of that noun (e.g., a nervous person or a musical speaking voice ) • Syn: ↑qualifying adjective • Hypernyms: ↑adjective …   Useful english dictionary

  • descriptive — adjective Date: 1723 1. serving to describe < a descriptive account > 2. a. referring to, constituting, or grounded in matters of observation or experience < the descriptive basis of science > b …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • descriptive — [di skrip′tiv] adj. describing; of or characterized by description; specif., a) designating or of a branch of a science in which its data or materials are described and classified [descriptive anatomy] b) Gram. designating an adjective that… …   English World dictionary

  • descriptive — ► ADJECTIVE 1) serving or seeking to describe. 2) describing or classifying without expressing judgement. DERIVATIVES descriptively adverb …   English terms dictionary

  • adjective — 1. general. The term adjective was itself an adjective for a hundred years before it became used as a noun for one of the parts of speech. Joseph Priestley, in The Rudiments of English Grammar (1761), was perhaps the first English grammarian to… …   Modern English usage

  • descriptive — I adjective characterizing, circumstantial, classificatory, clear, definitional, definitive, delineative, designating, detailed, eloquent, explanatory, explicatory, expositive, expository, graphic, identifying, illuminating, illuminative,… …   Law dictionary

  • descriptive — adjective 1 giving a description of something in words or pictures: The book is full of descriptive passages. 2 technical describing how the words of a language are actually used, rather than saying how they ought to be used descriptively adverb… …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • descriptive — adjective descriptive prose Syn: illustrative, expressive, graphic, detailed, lively, vivid, striking; explanatory, explicative …   Thesaurus of popular words

  • adjective — [n] word that modifies a noun accessory, additional, adjunct, adnoun, attribute, attributive, dependent, descriptive, identifier, modifier, qualifier; concept 275 …   New thesaurus

  • descriptive — adjective 1》 serving or seeking to describe. 2》 describing or classifying without expressing judgement. Derivatives descriptively adverb descriptiveness noun …   English new terms dictionary

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