A painful muscular spasm in the neck or back

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  • wrick — [rik] vt., n. [via dial. < ME wrikken, to move jerkily: for base see WRY] Brit. sprain or wrench …   English World dictionary

  • wrick — /rik/, v.t., v.i., n. wrench; strain. [1275 1325; ME wrikken to make abrupt movements; perh. akin to WRINKLE, WRENCH] * * * …   Universalium

  • wrick — n. dislocation, sprain; bend, twist v. twist, sprain, strain a joint or muscle by twisting (also rick) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • wrick — /rɪk / (say rik) verb (t) 1. to wrench or strain; rick. –noun 2. a strain. {Middle English wrikke(n) jerk; ? related to wrench, wrinkle1} …  

  • wrick — Brit. var. of RICK(2) …   Useful english dictionary

  • rick — crick, rick Both words are commonly used of strains or sprains of the neck, back, joints, etc. Crick appeared earlier (15c as a noun, though not until 19c as a verb); rick is apparently of dialect origin and is first recorded as a verb in about… …   Modern English usage

  • Sylvester Croom — College coach infobox Name = Sylvester Croom | Caption = DateOfBirth = Birth date and age|1954|9|25|mf=y Birthplace = flagicon|USA Tuscaloosa, Alabama DateOfDeath = Sport = Football College = Mississippi State Title = Head Coach CurrentRecord = 2 …   Wikipedia

  • rick — rick1 ricker, n. /rik/, n. 1. Also, hayrick. Chiefly Midland U.S. a large, usually rectangular stack or pile of hay, straw, corn, or the like, in a field, esp. when thatched or covered by a tarpaulin; an outdoor or makeshift mow. 2. a stack of… …   Universalium

  • wrinkle — wrinkle1 /ring keuhl/, n., v., wrinkled, wrinkling. n. 1. a small furrow or crease in the skin, esp. of the face, as from aging or frowning. 2. a temporary slight ridge or furrow on a surface, due to contraction, folding, crushing, or the like. v …   Universalium

  • Rickets — A disease of infants and children that disturbs normal bone formation (ossification). Rickets is a failure to mineralize bone. This softens bone (producing osteomalacia) and permits marked bending and distortion of bones. Up through the first… …   Medical dictionary

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