A surname of Russian and Polish origin.

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  • Abramsky — is a variation of a patronymic surname meaning son of Abram , the Biblical figure. The name is most prevalent among Jews.People*Chimen Abramsky (1917 ), academic professor *Jenny Abramsky (1946 ), BBC director *Samson Abramsky (1953 ), computer… …   Wikipedia

  • Abramsky — This long established surname, recorded in such spellings as Abram, Abrahamer, Avraham, Abramsky, D Abramo, Brahms, Abrahamsson, Abramovitz and over seventy other spellings is of pre 12th century origin. Found in almost every European country… …   Surnames reference

  • ABRAMSKY, YEḤEZKEL — (1886–1976), talmudic scholar. Abramsky was born in Lithuania. He studied at the yeshivot of Telz, Mir, and Slobodka as well as under Ḥayyim Soloveichik of Brisk. He achieved a reputation as a profound talmudic scholar and active communal worker …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • Abramsky, Chimen — (b. 1917)    British scholar of Russian origin. Born in Minsk, he emigrated to the UK, where he became professor of Hebrew and Jewish studies at University College, London. His publications include Karl Marx and the English Labour Movement, First …   Dictionary of Jewish Biography

  • Chimen Abramsky — (September 12, 1916 – March 14, 2010) was emeritus Professor of Jewish Studies at University College London. His first name is pronounced Shimon.[1] [2] Abramsky was born in Minsk, the son of Rabbi Yechezkel Abramsky. He gained a BA degree from… …   Wikipedia

  • Yehezkel Abramsky — Dayan Yehezkel Abramsky, (7 February, 1886–19 September, 1976), known affectionately as Reb Chatzkel Abramsky, was one of the most eminent Orthodox rabbis of the 20th century who headed the London Beth Din for 17 years.Rabbinate and… …   Wikipedia

  • Jenny Abramsky — Jenny Abramsky, CBE, (born 7 October 1946) is chairman designate of the UK s National Heritage Memorial Fund (NHMF), due to take up her new role on 1st October 2008 [http://www.number 10.gov.uk/output/Page15238.asp] . The NHMF makes grants to… …   Wikipedia

  • Samson Abramsky — Professor Samson Abramsky FRS is a computer scientist. Since the Year 2000, he has been a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, a Fellow of Wolfson College, Oxford and Christopher Strachey Professor of Computing at Oxford University Computing …   Wikipedia

  • Alexander Abramsky — (January 22, 1898 August 28, 1985) was a Soviet composer. [ [http://www.classical composers.org/comp/abramsky Classical Composer Database] ] He was known for his adaptation of Russian folk music within his compositions. He wrote numerous… …   Wikipedia

  • Giffen good — In economics (consumer theory), a Giffen good is that which people consume more of as price rises, violating the law of demand. In normal situations, as the price of such a good rises, the substitution effect causes people to purchase less of it… …   Wikipedia

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