a) A vertical pipe into which water is pumped so that a desired pressure is available at the bottom.
b) The water supply of a building for the use of firefighters.

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  • Standpipe — may refer to:*Standpipe (drilling rig):, a thick metal tubing, situated vertically along a derrick, that facilitates the flow of drilling fluid and has attached to it and supports one end of a kelly hose. * Standpipe (firefighting), a rigid… …   Wikipedia

  • Standpipe — Stand pipe ( p[imac]p ), n. 1. (Engin.) A vertical pipe, open at the top, between a hydrant and a reservoir, to equalize the flow of water; also, a large vertical pipe, near a pumping engine, into which water is forced up, so as to give it… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • standpipe — ► NOUN ▪ a vertical pipe extending from a water supply, especially one connecting a temporary tap to the mains …   English terms dictionary

  • standpipe — [stand′pīp΄] n. a high vertical pipe or cylindrical tank for storing water and keeping it at a desired pressure, esp. such a large tank used in a water supply system for a town, etc …   English World dictionary

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  • standpipe — [[t]stæ̱ndpaɪp[/t]] standpipes N COUNT A standpipe is a vertical pipe that is connected to a water supply and stands in a street or other public place …   English dictionary

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  • Standpipe (street) — A standpipe is a freestanding pipe fitted with a tap which is installed outdoors to dispense water in areas which do not have a running water supply to the buildings.In the United Kingdom, an Emergency Drought Order permits a water company to… …   Wikipedia

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  • standpipe — /stand puyp /, n. 1. a vertical pipe or tower into which water is pumped to obtain a required head. 2. a water pipe for supplying the fire hoses of a building, connected with the water supply of the building and usually with a siamese outside the …   Universalium

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