The state or quality of being promiscuous.

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  • Promiscuity — Pro mis*cu i*ty, n. Promiscuousness; confusion. H. Spencer. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • promiscuity — 1849, indiscriminate mixture, from Fr. promiscuité (1752), from L. promiscuus (see PROMISCUOUS (Cf. promiscuous)) + Fr. ité (see ITY (Cf. ity)). Sexual sense is from 1865 …   Etymology dictionary

  • promiscuity — [präm΄i skyo͞o′ə tē, prō΄miskyo͞o′ə tē] n. pl. promiscuities state, quality, or instance of being promiscuous, esp. in sexual relations …   English World dictionary

  • Promiscuity — Promiscuous redirects here. For other uses, see Promiscuous (disambiguation). In humans, promiscuity refers to less discriminating casual sex with many sexual partners.[1] The term carries a moral or religious judgement and is viewed in the… …   Wikipedia

  • promiscuity — n. sexual promiscuity * * * [ˌprɒmɪ skjuːɪtɪ] sexual promiscuity …   Combinatory dictionary

  • promiscuity — noun the promiscuity associated with the sixties and seventies Syn: licentiousness, wantonness, immorality; informal sleeping around, sluttishness, whorishness; dated looseness Ant: chastity, virtue …   Thesaurus of popular words

  • promiscuity — promiscuous ► ADJECTIVE 1) having or characterized by many transient sexual relationships. 2) indiscriminate or casual: a promiscuous mixing of styles. DERIVATIVES promiscuity noun promiscuously adverb. ORIGIN Latin promiscuus indiscriminate …   English terms dictionary

  • Promiscuity (disambiguation) — Promiscuity may refer to:*Promiscuity, the practice of making relatively casual and indiscriminate choices, most commonly applied to sexual behaviour and referred to as Sexual promiscuity * Promiscuity, a song by Manu Chao from his 2000 album …   Wikipedia

  • promiscuity — noun (plural ties) Date: circa 1849 1. miscellaneous mingling or selection of persons or things ; indiscriminateness 2. promiscuous sexual behavior …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • promiscuity — /prom i skyooh i tee, proh mi /, n., pl. promiscuities for 3. 1. the state of being promiscuous. 2. promiscuous sexual behavior. 3. an indiscriminate mixture. [1840 50; PROMISCU(OUS) + ITY; cf. F promiscuité] * * * …   Universalium

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