feu de joie

feu de joie
A celebratory salute made by firing guns into the air sequentially along a line.

while Platte was rolling over and over on the turf, like a shot rabbit, the watch and guard flew from his waistcoat—as an Infantry Majors sword hops out of the scabbard when they are firing a feu-de-joie

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/ (for holiday sport)

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  • Feu de joie — [F., lit., fire of joy.] A fire kindled in a public place in token of joy; a bonfire; a firing of guns in token of joy. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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  • Feu de joie — A feu de joie (French: fire of joy ) is a gun salute, described as a running fire of guns , on occasions of public rejoicing of nation and/or ruling dynasty. It can also mean a bonfire lit in a public place as a token of joy.During the 18th and… …   Wikipedia

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  • feu de joie — [ˌfə: də ʒwα:] noun (plural feux de joie pronunciation same) a rifle salute fired on a ceremonial occasion, each soldier firing in succession along the ranks. Origin Fr., lit. fire of joy …   English new terms dictionary

  • feu de joie — (French) fire of joy ; fire lit in a public place as a mark of joy; bonfire; firing of guns to symbolize joy …   English contemporary dictionary

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  • feu de joie — n. (pl. feux pronunc. same) a salute by firing rifles etc. on a ceremonial occasion. Etymology: F, = fire of joy …   Useful english dictionary

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