1. noun /kɹɪˈʃɛn.dəʊ,kɹəˈʃɛn.dəʊ,kɹɪˈʃɛn.doʊ,kɹəˈʃɛn.doʊ/
a) An instruction to play gradually more loudly, denoted by a long, narrow angle with its apex on the left ( < ).

Their fighting rose in a fearsome crescendo.

b) A gradual increase of anything, especially to a dramatic climax.

Their arguing rose to a fearsome crescendo.

2. verb /kɹɪˈʃɛn.dəʊ,kɹəˈʃɛn.dəʊ,kɹɪˈʃɛn.doʊ,kɹəˈʃɛn.doʊ/
To increase in intensity, to reach or head for a crescendo.

The band crescendoed and then suddenly went silent.

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