one who chooses something
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  • Chooser — can refer to: Choosing, to select freely and after consideration. A user interface on a computer that allows the user to choose items from large collections of data. Apple Chooser, an application for Macintosh systems. Spectasia 3D Chooser, an… …   Wikipedia

  • Chooser — Choos er, n. One who chooses; one who has the power or right of choosing; an elector. Burke. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • chooser — choose ► VERB (past chose; past part. chosen) 1) pick out as being the best of two or more alternatives. 2) decide on a course of action. DERIVATIVES chooser noun. ORIGIN Old English …   English terms dictionary

  • Chooser option — опцион, позволяющий покупателю в будущем выбрать между правом исполнить либо простой опцион колл, либо опцион пут с одинаковыми ценами и датами исполнения. См. также: Виды опционов Финансовый словарь Финам …   Финансовый словарь

  • Chooser option — A chooser option is a special type of option contract. It gives the purchaser a fixed period of time to decide whether the derivative will be a European call or put option. In more detail, a chooser option has a specified decision time t1, where… …   Wikipedia

  • Chooser Option — Die Chooser Option (im engl. Sprachraum auch preference option genannt) ist eine spezielle Form eines Derivates. Der Optionsinhaber hat zu einem definierten Zeitpunkt vor der Fälligkeit die Wahl, sich zu entscheiden, ob er seinen Chooser in eine… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • chooser — See: BEGGARS CAN T BE CHOOSERS …   Dictionary of American idioms

  • chooser — See: BEGGARS CAN T BE CHOOSERS …   Dictionary of American idioms

  • chooser — noun see choose …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • chooser — See choose. * * * …   Universalium

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