the state or condition of being a polyploid; having more than the usual number of complete sets of chromosomes
See Also: ploidy

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  • Polyploidy — occurs in cells and organisms when there are more than two homologous sets of chromosomes.Most organisms are normally diploid; polyploidy may occur due to abnormal cell division. It is most commonly found in plants. Haploidy may also occur as a… …   Wikipedia

  • polyploidy — polyploidy. См. полиплоидия. (Источник: «Англо русский толковый словарь генетических терминов». Арефьев В.А., Лисовенко Л.А., Москва: Изд во ВНИРО, 1995 г.) …   Молекулярная биология и генетика. Толковый словарь.

  • polyploidy — (n.) 1922, from Ger. polyploidie (1910), from polyploid, from Gk. poly (see POLY (Cf. poly )) + ploid (comb. form of ploos fold + OID (Cf. oid)) …   Etymology dictionary

  • polyploidy — See polyploid. * * * ▪ genetics       the condition in which a normally diploid cell or organism acquires one or more additional sets of chromosomes. In other words, the polyploid cell or organism has three or more times the haploid chromosome… …   Universalium

  • polyploidy — poliploidija statusas T sritis ekologija ir aplinkotyra apibrėžtis Chromosomų rinkinio kartotinis padaugėjimas (padvigubėjimas, patrigubėjimas ir t. t.) ląstelės branduolyje. atitikmenys: angl. polyploidy vok. Polyploidie, f rus. полиплоидия, f …   Ekologijos terminų aiškinamasis žodynas

  • polyploidy — poliploidija statusas T sritis augalininkystė apibrėžtis Pagrindinio chromosomų skaičiaus branduolyje padidėjimas trimis, keturiais, penkiais chromosomų rinkiniais ar daugiau. atitikmenys: angl. polyploidy rus. полиплоидия …   Žemės ūkio augalų selekcijos ir sėklininkystės terminų žodynas

  • polyploidy — noun see polyploid …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • polyploidy — n. [Gr. polys, many; aploos, onefold] A condition in which the chromosome sets in the nucleus are a multiple of the normal diploid number …   Dictionary of invertebrate zoology

  • polyploidy — The state of a cell nucleus containing three or more haploid sets. Cells containing three, four, five, or six multiples are referred to, respectively, as triploid, tetraploid, pentaploid, or hexaploid. [poly + G. ploides, in form] * * *… …   Medical dictionary

  • polyploidy — pÉ‘lɪplɔɪdɪ / pÉ’l n. (Biology) state of having three or more times the normal number of chromosomes (about cells) …   English contemporary dictionary

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