1. verb
a) To drink (or, sometimes, eat) quickly, voraciously, or to excess; to gulp down; to swallow greedily, continually, or with gust; said especially of alcohol consumption.

They spent most of their college days guzzling beer.

b) To consume alcoholic beverages, especially frequently or habitually.

No more her care shall fill the hollow tray, / To fat the guzzling hogs with floods of whey.

2. noun
a) Drink; intoxicating liquor.

Where squanderd away the tiresome minutes of your evening leisure over seald Winchesters of threepenny guzzle! —

b) A drinking bout; a debauch.

Meanst thou that senseless, sensual epicure, / That sink of filth, that guzzle most impure?

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(greedily or much), , , , (greedily or much, quaff, swill, swig (Colloq.)

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