verb /ˈɒbfʌskeɪt,ˈɒbfəskeɪt,ˈɑːbfʌskeɪt,ˈɑːbfəskeɪt/
a) To make dark; overshadow

Before leaving the scene, the murderer set a fire to obfuscate any evidence of his or her identity.

b) To deliberately make more confusing in order to conceal the truth.

We need to obfuscate these classes before we ship the final release.

See Also: obfuscation, obfuscatory, obfuscous

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  • Obfuscate — Ob*fus cate, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Obfuscated}; p. pr. & vb. n. {Obfuscating}.] 1. To darken; to obscure; to becloud. [1913 Webster] 2. Hence: To confuse; to bewilder; to make unclear. [1913 Webster] His head, like a smokejack, the funnel unswept …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Obfuscate — Ob*fus cate, a. [L. obfuscatus, p. p. of obfuscare to darken; ob (see {Ob }) + fuscare, fuscatum, to darken, from fuscus dark.] Obfuscated; darkened; obscured. [Obs.] [Written also {offuscate}.] Sir. T. Elyot. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • obfuscate — I verb addle, adumbrate, baffle, becloud, bedim, befuddle, begloom, bemist, bewilder, blacken, blind, blur, cloak, cloud, complicate, conceal, confound, confuse, cover, curtain, darken, daze, dim, disconcert, disturb, dull, eclipse, fluster, fog …   Law dictionary

  • obfuscate — (v.) 1530s, from L. obfuscatus, pp. of obfuscare to darken, from ob over (see OB (Cf. ob )) + fuscare to make dark, from fuscus dark (see DUSK (Cf. dusk)). Related: Obfuscated; obfuscating …   Etymology dictionary

  • obfuscate — *obscure, dim, bedim, darken, eclipse, cloud, becloud, fog, befog Analogous words: *confuse, muddle, befuddle, fuddle, addle: stupefy, bemuse, *daze: perplex, mystify, bewilder, *puzzle …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • obfuscate — [v] confuse baffle, becloud, befuddle, bewilder, cloud, complicate, conceal, confound, darken, fog, fuddle, muddle, obscure, perplex, puzzle, rattle; concept 16 …   New thesaurus

  • obfuscate — ► VERB ▪ make unclear or unintelligible. DERIVATIVES obfuscation noun obfuscatory adjective. ORIGIN Latin obfuscare darken …   English terms dictionary

  • obfuscate — [äb′fəs kāt΄, äb fus′kāt΄] vt. obfuscated, obfuscating [< L obfuscatus, pp. of obfuscare, to darken < ob (see OB ) + fuscare, to obscure < fuscus, dark < IE base * dhus > DUSK, DOZE1, DUST] 1. to cloud over; obscure; make dark or… …   English World dictionary

  • obfuscate — verb ( cated; cating) Etymology: Late Latin obfuscatus, past participle of obfuscare, from Latin ob in the way + fuscus dark brown more at ob , dusk Date: 1577 transitive verb 1. a. darken b. to make obscure …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • obfuscate — [[t]ɒ̱bfʌskeɪt[/t]] obfuscates, obfuscating, obfuscated VERB To obfuscate something means to deliberately make it seem confusing and difficult to understand. [FORMAL] [V n] They are obfuscating the issue, as only insurance companies can... There… …   English dictionary

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