The process wherein a fibrin clot, the product of coagulation, is broken down.

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  • Fibrinolysis — is a process that prevents blood clots from growing and becoming problematic.[1] This process has two types: primary fibrinolysis and secondary fibrinolysis. The primary type is a normal body process, whereas secondary fibrinolysis is the… …   Wikipedia

  • fibrinolysis — [fī΄brə näl′əsis] n. [ FIBRINO + LYSIS] the digestion or dissolution of fibrin by an enzyme fibrinolytic [fī΄brənō lit′ik] adj …   English World dictionary

  • fibrinolysis — 1. Hydrolysis of fibrin. 2. The process of dissolution of fibrin in blood clots. [fibrino + G. lysis, dissolution] * * * fi·bri·no·ly·sis ī səs, brə näl ə səs n, pl ly·ses .sēz the usu. enzymatic breakdown of fibrin …   Medical dictionary

  • fibrinolysis — n. the process by which blood clots are removed from the circulation, involving digestion of the insoluble protein fibrin by the enzyme plasmin. The latter exists in the plasma as an inactive precursor (plasminogen), which is activated in… …   The new mediacal dictionary

  • fibrinolysis — noun a normal ongoing process that dissolves fibrin and results in the removal of small blood clots drugs causing fibrinolysis have been utilized therapeutically • Hypernyms: ↑dissolution, ↑disintegration …   Useful english dictionary

  • Fibrinolysis syndrome — (also known as Defibrinating syndrome, and Hypofibrinogenemia ) is characterized by an acute hemorrhagic state brought about by inability of the blood to clot, with massive hemorrhages into the skin producing blackish, purplish swellings and… …   Wikipedia

  • fibrinolysis — noun Etymology: New Latin Date: 1907 the usually enzymatic breakdown of fibrin • fibrinolytic adjective …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • fibrinolysis — Solubilization of fibrin in blood clots, chiefly by the proteolytic action of plasmin …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • fibrinolysis — fibrinolytic /fuy breuh noh lit ik, fuy brin l it /, adj. /fuy breuh nol euh sis/, n., pl. fibrinolyses / seez /. Biochem. the disintegration or dissolution of fibrin, esp. by enzymatic action. [1905 10; FIBRINO + LYSIS] * * * …   Universalium

  • fibrinolysis — n. enzymatic dissolution of fibrin (Chemistry) …   English contemporary dictionary

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