1. verb
a) To blow into; puff up; inflate.

Then the spiritual and sensory faculties follow the creation of this partial spirit that is inblown by way of tawḥīd, for He says, I blew [15:29]. As for the spirit of Jesus, it is inblown through bringing together and manyness, for within him are the faculties ...

b) To breathe into; inspire.
2. noun
a) The act or process of blowing in or into; inflation.

During the full gasification stage, after piercing has been effected, the enlargement of the cracks requires a progressively increasing inblow.

b) That which is blown in.

Within the frame of the Pandtl model the evident formula for the principle of rate defect in a turbulent boundary layer are obtained when unregular inblow takes place as well as in tubes with exhausting and inblow.

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