a) A knightly servant of a high-born lady.

Of course a cicisbeo is a normal enough figure in Alexandrian life, but things are going to become socially very boring for you if you go out with those two so much.

b) A married womans lover; a kept man.

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  • cicisbeo — (n.) 1718, from It. cicisbeo the recognized gallant of a married woman. Perhaps from Fr. chiche beau, or from Venetian dialect cici the chattering of women (attested in 18c.) …   Etymology dictionary

  • cicisbeo — [si sis′bē ō΄] n. pl. cicisbeos [si sis′bēōz΄] [It] 1. the lover of a married woman: also It. cicisbeo [chē΄chēz bā′ō̂] n. 2. 3. cicisbei [chē΄chēzbā′ē] …   English World dictionary

  • Cicisbeo — Ci cis*be o, n.; pl. It. {Cicisbei}. [It.] 1. A professed admirer of a married woman; a dangler about women. [1913 Webster] 2. A knot of silk or ribbon attached to a fan, walking stick, etc. [Obs.] [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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  • Cicisbeo — Ci|cis|beo 〈[tʃitʃis ] m.; od. s, s; veraltet〉 Hausfreund, Liebhaber [ital., „Begleiter u. Gesellschafter verheirateter Frauen“] * * * Ci|cis|beo [t̮ʃit̮ʃɪs be:o ], der; [s], s [ital. cicisbeo, viell. lautm.] (bildungsspr. verhüll.): ↑ Hausfreund …   Universal-Lexikon

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