a) to make something inactive or no longer effective
b) to prevent the action of a biochemical agent (such as an enzyme)

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  • deactivate — de*ac ti*vate, v. t. 1. To make inactive; to render ineffective; as, to deactivate a bomb; to deactivate a machine; to deactivate the alarm. Note: The deactivation of a machine or device is usually a reversible process; switching off an… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • deactivate — index counteract, disable, disarm (divest of arms), disband, disorganize, neutralize, palliate (abate) …   Law dictionary

  • deactivate — 1904, from DE (Cf. de ) + ACTIVATE (Cf. activate). Related: Deactivated; deactivating; deactivation …   Etymology dictionary

  • deactivate — [v] decommission demilitarize, disband, make inactive, shut down, shut off; concepts 25,121,188 …   New thesaurus

  • deactivate — ► VERB ▪ make (equipment or a virus) inactive by disconnecting or destroying it. DERIVATIVES deactivation noun deactivator noun …   English terms dictionary

  • deactivate — [dē ak′tə vāt΄] vt. deactivated, deactivating 1. to make (an explosive, chemical, or mechanism) inactive or inoperative 2. Mil. to place (a military unit) on a nonactive status; demobilize deactivation n …   English World dictionary

  • deactivate — transitive verb Date: 1926 to make inactive or ineffective < deactivate a bomb > < deactivate a chemical compound > • deactivation noun • deactivator noun …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • deactivate — UK [diːˈæktɪveɪt] / US [dɪˈæktɪˌveɪt] verb [transitive] Word forms deactivate : present tense I/you/we/they deactivate he/she/it deactivates present participle deactivating past tense deactivated past participle deactivated to prevent something… …   English dictionary

  • deactivate — de·ac·ti·vate ( )dē ak tə .vāt vt, vat·ed; vat·ing 1) to make inactive or ineffective 2) to deprive of chemical activity <deactivate an enzyme> de·ac·ti·va·tion .ak tə vā shən n …   Medical dictionary

  • deactivate — de|ac|ti|vate [di:ˈæktıveıt] v [T] to switch something, especially a piece of equipment, off or to stop it from being used any more ≠ ↑activate ▪ You need to type in a code number to deactivate the alarm …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • deactivate — de•ac•ti•vate [[t]diˈæk təˌveɪt[/t]] v. vat•ed, vat•ing 1) to make inactive: to deactivate a chemical[/ex] 2) mil to demobilize or disband (a military unit) 3) mil to render (a bomb or shell) inoperative 4) chem. to lose radioactivity • Etymology …   From formal English to slang

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