noun /mᵻˈsandɹi,mɪˈsændɹi/

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  • misandry — mis an*dry (m[i^]s [a^]n*dr[y^]), n. [Gr. misei^n to hate + andh r a man.] Hatred of men. Contrast {{misogyny}} and cf. {misandrist}. Syn: man hating. [PJC] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • misandry — (n.) 1878, from MISO (Cf. miso ) hatred + andros of man, male human being (see ANTHROPO (Cf. anthropo )). Related: Misandrist …   Etymology dictionary

  • misandry — [mis′an΄drē] n. [ MIS(O) + andry (see POLYANDRY): modeled on MISOGYNY] Rare hatred of men …   English World dictionary

  • Misandry — Part of a series on Discrimination General forms …   Wikipedia

  • misandry — ˈmiˌsandrē, aan , ri noun ( es) Etymology: Greek misandria, from misandros hating men (from mis mis (II) + andros, from andr , anēr man) + ia y more at andr : a hatred of men …   Useful english dictionary

  • misandry — noun Etymology: mis (as in misanthropy) + andr + 2 y Date: circa 1909 a hatred of men • misandrist noun or adjective …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • misandry — misandrist, n. /mis an dree/, n. hatred of males. Cf. misogyny. [1945 50; MIS 2 + andry (as in POLYANDRY), on the model of MISOGYNY] * * * …   Universalium

  • misandry — Aversion to or hatred of men. [G. miseo, to hate, + aner, andros, male] …   Medical dictionary

  • misandry — [mɪ sandri] noun hatred of men. Derivatives misandrist noun Origin 1940s: from Gk miso hating + anēr, andr man , on the pattern of misogyny …   English new terms dictionary

  • misandry — mis·an·dry …   English syllables

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