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  • Stereopsis — (from meaning solidity, and opsis meaning vision or sight) is the process in visual perception leading to the sensation of depth from the two slightly different projections of the world onto the retinas of the two eyes. The differences in the two …   Wikipedia

  • stereopsis — [ster΄ēäp′sis, stir΄ēäp′sis] n. [ModL: see STEREO & OPSIS] stereoscopic vision …   English World dictionary

  • Stereopsis — Die Artikel Raumwahrnehmung, Stereoskopisches Sehen und Binokularsehen überschneiden sich thematisch. Hilf mit, die Artikel besser voneinander abzugrenzen oder zu vereinigen. Beteilige dich dazu an der Diskussion über diese Überschneidungen.… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • stereopsis — noun Etymology: New Latin, from stere + Greek opsis vision, appearance more at optic Date: circa 1911 stereoscopic vision …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • stereopsis — /ster ee op sis, stear /, n. stereoscopic vision; the ability to perceive depth. [1925 30; STERE(O) + OPSIS] * * * …   Universalium

  • stereopsis — SYN: stereoscopic vision. [stereo + G. opsis, vision] * * * ste·re·op·sis .ster ē äp səs, .stir n stereoscopic vision * * * n. see stereoscopic vision * * * ster·e·op·sis (ster″e opґsis) [stereo + Gr. opsis vision] stereoscopic vision …   Medical dictionary

  • stereopsis — n. stereoscopic vision, three dimensional sight, ability to perceive depth …   English contemporary dictionary

  • stereopsis — [ˌstɛrɪ ɒpsɪs, ˌstɪərɪ ] noun the perception of depth produced by the reception in the brain of visual stimuli from both eyes in combination; binocular vision. Derivatives stereoptic adjective Origin early 20th cent.: from stereo + Gk opsis sight …   English new terms dictionary

  • stereopsis — stere·op·sis …   English syllables

  • stereopsis — n.; see stereoscopic vision …   The new mediacal dictionary

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