conjugate acid

conjugate acid
Any compound, of general formula HX, which can be transformed into a conjugate base X by the loss of a proton.

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  • Conjugate acid — Within the Brønsted–Lowry acid base theory (protonic), a conjugate acid is the acid member, HX, of a pair of two compounds that transform into each other by gain or loss of a proton. A conjugate acid can also be seen as the chemical substance… …   Wikipedia

  • conjugate acid — a chemical species that is formed from its conjugate base by addition of a proton, e.g., ammonium (NH4+) is the conjugate acid of ammonia (NH3) …   Medical dictionary

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  • conjugate base — a chemical species that is formed from its conjugate acid by removal of a proton; e.g., acetate (CH3COO−) is the conjugate base of acetic acid (CH3COOH) …   Medical dictionary

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