1. adjective /ˌdɪrɪˈʒɪst/
Of or pertaining to dirigisme.

"Concern with the visible short run effects thus progressively leads to a dirigist organization of the whole society."; in , 1976.

2. noun /ˌdɪrɪˈʒɪst/
a person or collective that favors the ordering of human society by the principles of dirigisme.

"But we have not, at least by 1997, observed any postrevolutionary reduction in the zeal of the dirigistes, who seem, genuinely, to consider themselves both epistemologically and morally superior to their fellow citizens."; in Politics by Principle, Not Interest: Toward Nondiscriminatory Democracy, pp. 208, 1998; vol. 11 of The Collected Works of James M. Buchanan.

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