Tajik Persian

Tajik Persian
Tajiki (variety of the Persian language)

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  • Tajik alphabet — The coat of arms of the Tajik Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic circa 1929. Tajik Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic is written (from top to bottom) in Tajik Latin, Tajik Arabic, and Russian Cyrillic. The Tajik language has been written in… …   Wikipedia

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  • Tajik grammar — In general, the grammar of the Tajik language fits the analytical type. Little remains of the case system, and grammatical relationships are primarily expressed via clitics, word order and other analytical constructions. Tajik grammar is almost… …   Wikipedia

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  • Tajik — may refer to:* Tajiks, an ethnic group living in Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, and western China. * Tajik Assata Anwar Bahoul, the birth name of Black nationalist activist Taj Anwar. * Tajik language, the official language… …   Wikipedia

  • Persian pop music — refers to pop music with songs in the Persian language. Although Persian pop music originated in Iran, it quickly spread throughout Afghanistan, Tajikstan, and eventually America. Today, Persian pop music is popular throughout the world,… …   Wikipedia

  • Persian Symphonic Music — generally refers to the pieces by the Persian (Iranian) composers which have been composed for Western ensembles and orchestras, mostly based on the Persian folk and classical melodies.The first serious pieces of Persian symphonic music were… …   Wikipedia

  • Persian grammar — is similar to many other Indo European languages, especially those in the Indo Iranian family. Since Middle Persian it has had a relatively simple grammar, having no grammatical gender and few case markings.Word OrderWhile Persian has a Subject… …   Wikipedia

  • Tajik — /tah jik , jeek /; Russ. /tu jik /, n., pl. Tajiks, (esp. collectively) Tajik for 1. 1. a member of a people living mainly in Tadzhikistan, as well as parts of Afghanistan and China. 2. Also, Tajiki /tah ji kee, tah jee /. the Iranian language… …   Universalium

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