main diagonal

main diagonal
The (imagined) diagonal line from the top left to the bottom right of a square matrix.

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  • Main diagonal — In linear algebra, the main diagonal (sometimes leading diagonal or major diagonal or primary diagonal or principal diagonal) of a matrix A is the collection of entries Ai,j where i is equal to j. The main diagonal of a square matrix is the… …   Wikipedia

  • main diagonal — noun the diagonal of a square matrix running from the upper left entry to the lower right entry • Syn: ↑principal diagonal • Hypernyms: ↑diagonal * * * Math. See under diagonal (def. 9) …   Useful english dictionary

  • main diagonal — Math. See under diagonal (def. 9). * * * …   Universalium

  • Diagonal — For the avenue in Barcelona, see Avinguda Diagonal. The diagonals of a cube with side length 1. AC (shown in blue) is a space diagonal with length , while AC (shown in red) is a face diagonal and has length …   Wikipedia

  • Diagonal matrix — In linear algebra, a diagonal matrix is a matrix (usually a square matrix) in which the entries outside the main diagonal (↘) are all zero. The diagonal entries themselves may or may not be zero. Thus, the matrix D = (di,j) with n columns and n… …   Wikipedia

  • diagonal — diagonally, adv. /duy ag euh nl, ag nl/, adj. 1. Math. a. connecting two nonadjacent angles or vertices of a polygon or polyhedron, as a straight line. b. extending from one edge of a solid figure to an opposite edge, as a plane. 2. having an… …   Universalium

  • diagonal matrix — noun A matrix in which only the entries on the main diagonal are non zero. See Also: diagonalize …   Wiktionary

  • diagonal element — noun An element on the main diagonal of a square matrix, that is, an element in row k and column k where k is an integer between 1 and the number of rows (or columns) in the matrix …   Wiktionary

  • diagonal matrix — noun a square matrix with all elements not on the main diagonal equal to zero • Hypernyms: ↑square matrix • Hyponyms: ↑scalar matrix …   Useful english dictionary

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