a) Comprising of soft cartilage rather than bones.

Cartilaginous fish such as the angler fish have a skeletal structure made up of cartilage.

b) Related to or resembling cartilage

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  • cartilaginous — [kart′ l aj′ə nəs] adj. 1. of or like cartilage; gristly 2. having a skeleton made up mainly of cartilage, as any of a class (Chondrichthyes) of fishes (cartilaginous fish), including sharks, rays, and skates …   English World dictionary

  • Cartilaginous — Car ti*lag i*nous, a. [L. cartilaginosus: cf. F. cartilagineux.] 1. Of or pertaining to cartilage; gristly; firm and tough like cartilage. [1913 Webster] 2. (Zo[ o]l.) Having the skeleton in the state of cartilage, the bones containing little or… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • cartilaginous — 1540s, from L. cartilaginosus, from cartilago cartilage, gristle (see CARTILAGE (Cf. cartilage)) …   Etymology dictionary

  • cartilaginous — хрящевой cartilaginous skeleton хрящевой скелет cartilaginous tissue хрящевая ткань cartilaginous fishes хрящевые рыбы …   English-Russian travelling dictionary

  • cartilaginous — cartilage ► NOUN ▪ firm, flexible connective tissue which covers the ends of joints and forms structures such as the larynx and the external ear. DERIVATIVES cartilaginous adjective. ORIGIN Latin cartilago …   English terms dictionary

  • cartilaginous — adjective Date: 14th century composed of, relating to, or resembling cartilage …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • cartilaginous — adj. [L. cartilaginosus, gristle] Pertaining to cartilage in structure or appearance …   Dictionary of invertebrate zoology

  • cartilaginous — /kahr tl aj euh neuhs/, adj. 1. of or resembling cartilage. 2. having a skeleton composed either entirely or mainly of cartilage, as vertebrates of the class Chondrichthyes, which includes the sharks, rays, and skates. [1375 1425; late ME < L… …   Universalium

  • cartilaginous — Relating to or consisting of cartilage. SYN: chondral. * * * car·ti·lag·i·nous nəs adj composed of, relating to, or resembling cartilage * * * car·ti·lag·i·nous (kahr″tĭ lajґĭ nəs) consisting of or of the nature of cartilage …   Medical dictionary

  • cartilaginous — car·ti·lag·i·nous || ‚kɑːtɪ lædʒɪnÉ™s adj. made of cartilage; consisting mainly of cartilage …   English contemporary dictionary

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