1. noun /speɪs/
a) The intervening contents of a volume.

If it be only a Single Letter or two that drops, he thruſts the end of his Bodkin between every Letter of that Word, till he comes to a Space: and then perhaps by forcing thoſe Letters closer, he may have room to put in another Space or a Thin Space; which if he cannot do, and he finds the Space ſtand Looſe in the Form; he with the Point of his Bodkin picks the Space up and bows it a little; which bowing makes the Letters on each ſide of the Space keep their parallel diſtance; for by its Spring it thruſts the Letters that were cloſed with the end of the Bodkin to their adjunct Letters, that needed no cloſing.

b) Space occupied by or intended for a person or thing.

Horizontal spacing is further divided into multiples and fractions of the em. The multiples are called quads. The fractions are called spaces.

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2. verb /speɪs/
a) To be separated to a distance.

But she as Fayes are wont, in priuie place / Did spend her dayes, and lovd in forests wyld to space.

b) To eject into outer space. Usually without a space suit.

: The cities are evenly spaced.

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