1. noun
a) Fodder for animals, especially cattle and horses.

“The hermit was apparently somewhat moved to compassion by the anxiety as well as address which the stranger displayed in tending his horse; for, muttering something about provender left for the keepers palfrey, he dragged out of a recess a bundle of forage, which he spread before the knights charger.

b) An act or instance of foraging. ”

‘My dears,’ he discourses to them — how he licks his gums, long toothless, as he speaks of his forages into the well-stored cellars:

2. verb
a) To search for and gather food for animals, particularly cattle and horses.

The message said that the party intended to hunt and forage through this region, for a month or two, afore it went back into the Canadas.

b) To rampage through, gathering and destroying as one goes.

And your great-uncles, Edward the Black Prince, / Who on the French ground playd a tragedy, / Making defeat on the full power of France, / Whiles his most mighty father on a hill / Stood smiling to behold his lions whelp / Forage in blood of French nobility.

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