having the same genetic make-up and origin
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  • isogeneic — adjective Etymology: alteration of isogenic Date: 1963 syngeneic < an isogeneic graft > …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • isogeneic — iso·ge·ne·ic .ī sō jə nē ik, nā adj SYNGENEIC <an isogeneic graft> * * * iso·ge·ne·ic (i″so jə neґik) syngeneic …   Medical dictionary

  • isogeneic — I. ˌ ̷ ̷ ̷ ̷jə̇ˈnēik adjective Etymology: by alteration (influenced by isogeneity) : isogenic II. adjective : syngeneic herein an isogeneic graft …   Useful english dictionary

  • isogeneic — iso·ge·ne·ic …   English syllables

  • isogeneic, isogenic — SYN: syngeneic …   Medical dictionary

  • isogeneic antigen — isoantigen …   Medical dictionary

  • isogeneic graft — isologous graft, isoplastic graft syngraft …   Medical dictionary

  • syngeneic — Relating to genetically identical individuals. SYN: isogeneic, isogenic, isologous, isoplastic, syngenic. [G. syngenes, congenital] * * * syn·ge·ne·ic .sin jə nē ik adj genetically identical esp. with respect to antigens or immunological… …   Medical dictionary

  • syngraft — A tissue or organ transplanted between genetically identical individuals. SYN: isogeneic graft, isograft, isologous graft, isoplastic graft, syngeneic graft. * * * syn·graft (sinґgraft) a graft between genetically identical individuals. Typically …   Medical dictionary

  • syngeneic — adjective Etymology: syn + geneic (as in isogeneic) Date: 1961 involving, derived from, or being genetically identical or similar individuals of the same species especially with respect to antigenic interaction < syngeneic tumor cells > < grafts… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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