Resembling a tiger; tigerish.

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  • tigerlike — ˈ ̷ ̷ ̷ ̷ˌ ̷ ̷ adjective : having the ways or appearance of a tiger : resembling that of a tiger a tigerlike grace …   Useful english dictionary

  • tigerlike — adjective see tiger …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • tigerlike — adj. resembling a tiger, fierce, predatory, strong …   English contemporary dictionary

  • tiger — tigerlike, adj. /tuy geuhr/, n., pl. tigers, (esp. collectively for 1, 2, 5) tiger. 1. a large, carnivorous, tawny colored and black striped feline, Panthera tigris, of Asia, ranging in several races from India and the Malay Peninsula to Siberia …   Universalium

  • tiger — noun (plural tigers) Etymology: Middle English tigre, from Old English tiger & Anglo French tigre, both from Latin tigris, from Greek, probably of Iranian origin; akin to Avestan tighra pointed; akin to Greek stizein to tattoo more at stick Date …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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  • tigerish — tigerishly, adv. tigerishness, n. /tuy geuhr ish/, adj. 1. tigerlike, as in strength, fierceness, courage, or coloration. 2. fiercely cruel; bloodthirsty; relentless. Also, tigrish. [1565 75; TIGER + ISH1] * * * …   Universalium

  • tiger beetle — noun Any active, carnivorous beetle (species) of the family Cicinidelidae Most tiger beetle larvae tunnel in the soil See Also: blind tiger, tiger cat, tigereye, tigerish, tigerlike, tiger lily …   Wiktionary

  • tigerish — adjective having the characteristics of a tiger Syn: tigerlike …   Wiktionary

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