To stimulate oneself sexually, especially by use of one’s hand, sometimes with a partner.
Syn: beat off, beat the meat, choke the chicken, jack off, jerk off, play with oneself, polish the pole, slap the salami, spank the monkey, toss off, wank, have fun with Dick and Jane, tickle the sausage, bash the bishop, knock one off

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  • masturbate — v. i. [imp. & p. p. {masturbated}; p. pr. & vb. n. {masturbating}.] To achieve sexual gratification by stimulating one s own sexual organs, without the aid of a partner; typically to the point of orgasm. {masturbator}, n. Syn: wank, she bop, jack …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • masturbate — (v.) 1839, back formation from MASTURBATION (Cf. masturbation), or else from L. masturbatus, pp. of masturbari. Related: Masturbated; masturbating …   Etymology dictionary

  • masturbate — ► VERB ▪ stimulate one s genitals with one s hand for sexual pleasure. DERIVATIVES masturbation noun masturbator noun masturbatory adjective. ORIGIN Latin masturbari …   English terms dictionary

  • masturbate — [mas′tər bāt΄] vi., vt. masturbated, masturbating [< L masturbatus, pp. of masturbari, altered (by assoc. with turbare, to DISTURB) < * manstupro < manus, hand (see MANUAL) + stuprum, defilement < IE base * steup , to strike, a stick …   English World dictionary

  • masturbate — UK [ˈmæstə(r)beɪt] / US [ˈmæstərˌbeɪt] verb Word forms masturbate : present tense I/you/we/they masturbate he/she/it masturbates present participle masturbating past tense masturbated past participle masturbated a) [intransitive] to rub your… …   English dictionary

  • masturbate — [ mastəbeɪt] verb stimulate one s genitals with one s hand for sexual pleasure. Derivatives masturbation noun masturbator noun masturbatory adjective Origin C19: from L. masturbat , masturbari masturbate , of unknown ultimate origin …   English new terms dictionary

  • Masturbate-a-thon — logo …   Wikipedia

  • masturbate — verb ( bated; bating) Etymology: Latin masturbatus, past participle of masturbari Date: 1839 intransitive verb to practice masturbation transitive verb to practice masturbation on • masturbator noun …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • masturbate — masturbator, n. /mas teuhr bayt /, v., masturbated, masturbating. v.i. 1. to engage in masturbation. v.t. 2. to practice masturbation upon. [1855 60; < L masturbatus, ptp. of masturbari to engage in masturbation] * * * …   Universalium

  • masturbate — To practice masturbation. [L. masturbari, pp. masturbatus] * * * mas·tur·bate mas tər .bāt vb, bat·ed; bat·ing vi to practice masturbation vt to practice masturbation on mas·tur·ba·tor .bāt ər n …   Medical dictionary

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