Of or pertaining to creationism.

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  • creationistic — cre·ation·is·tic …   English syllables

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  • creationism — creationist, n., adj. creationistic, adj. /kree ay sheuh niz euhm/, n. 1. the doctrine that matter and all things were created, substantially as they now exist, by an omnipotent Creator, and not gradually evolved or developed. 2. (sometimes cap.) …   Universalium

  • create — 1. verb /kɹiːeɪt/ a) To put into existence. According to the Bible, God created the universe in six days. b) To manufacture. Couturiers create exclusive garments for an affluent clientele. Syn: ma …   Wiktionary

  • creationism — noun a) The doctrine that each individual human soul is created by God, as opposed to traducianism. b) Any creationary belief, especially a belief that the origin of things is due to an event or process of creation brought about by the deliberate …   Wiktionary

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