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  • Camunian rose — The Camunian rose (also Camunnian rose) is the name given to a particular petroglyph of the Rock Drawings in Valcamonica.The name rosa camuna is an unattested modern invention used to describe the symbol, and was not used contemporaneously when… …   Wikipedia

  • Verbeia — In ancient Celtic polytheism, Verbeia was a goddess worshipped in Roman Britain. She is known from a single altar stone dedicated to her at Ilkley ( [http://www.roman RIB 635] ). She is considered to have… …   Wikipedia

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  • Val Camonica — (or Valcamonica , in camunian dialect Al Camònega , poetic Camunia ) is one of the largest valleys of the central Alps, in eastern Lombardy, about 90 km long. Starts from Tonale Pass, at 1883 mslm and ends at Corna Trentapassi in the comune of… …   Wikipedia

  • Nadro — panorama Nadro (Nàder in camunian dialect[1]) is an Italian hamlet (frazione) of the comune of Ceto (BS), Lombardy. It has 655 inhabitants.[ …   Wikipedia

  • Giarelli — is a italian surname of the Valle Camonica, LombardyA long presence of the Giarelli family is attested in Nadro of Ceto since XVI century, although the last name is original of the town of Cimbergo. Another bow of the family is present to Massa… …   Wikipedia

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