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  • aspecific — aspe·cif·ic ( )ā spi sif ik adj not specific <aspecific binding limits the anticoagulant effect of unfractionated heparin (Giancarlo Agnelli)> * * * aspe·cif·ic (a″spə sifґik) nonspecific …   Medical dictionary

  • Scientific misconduct — ] *Danish Definition: Intention(al) or gross negligence leading to fabrication of the scientific message or a false credit or emphasis given to a scientist *Swedish Definition: Intention(al) distortion of the research process by fabrication of… …   Wikipedia

  • Cirrhosis — Classification and external resources A person with massive ascites and caput medusae due to cirrhotic liver failure ICD 10 K …   Wikipedia

  • Metabolic acidosis — Classification and external resources Davenport diagram ICD 10 E …   Wikipedia

  • Polyglycolide — Chembox new Name = Polyglycolide ImageFile = PGA.png ImageName = Polyglycolide IUPACName = 1,4 Dioxane 2,5 dione Section1 = Chembox Identifiers CASNo = 26124 68 5 SMILES = O=C(O)CO Section2 = Chembox Properties Formula = (C2H2O2)n MolarMass = N/A …   Wikipedia

  • Whole genome amplification — In many fields of research, including preimplantation genetic diagnosis, cancer research or forensic medicine, the scarcity of genomic DNA can be a severely limiting factor on the type and quantity of genetic tests that can be performed on a… …   Wikipedia

  • Reification (Marxism) — Reification (German: Verdinglichung , literally: thing ification (from Latin Res meaning thing ) or Versachlichung , literally objectification or regarding something as a business matter) is the consideration of an abstraction, relation or object …   Wikipedia

  • Mebeverine — Systematic (IUPAC) name (RS) 4 (ethyl[1 (4 methoxyphenyl)propan 2 yl]amino)b …   Wikipedia

  • Kožuf — mountain ( mk. audio|Mk Kozhuf Planina.ogg|Кожуф планина) is a mountain situated in the southern part of the Republic of Macedonia and partly in Greece. Its most western parts reach the river Blashnica, and the north western side stretches in a… …   Wikipedia

  • Chronic diarrhea of infancy — Chronic diarrhea of infancy, also called toddler s diarrhea, is a common condition typically affecting children between ages 6–30 months, usually resolving by age 4.[1] Symptoms include multiple loose bowel movements per day, sometimes with… …   Wikipedia

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