An aggregate fruit of achenes, drupes, or follicles.
See Also: hetaera

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  • etaerio — /et ēˈri ō/ (botany) noun (pl etaeˈrios) An aggregated fruit, a group of achenes or drupels ORIGIN: Fr étairion, from Gr hetaireiā association …   Useful english dictionary

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  • hetaera — noun /hɪˈtɪəɹə/ A mistress, especially a highly cultivated courtesan in ancient Greece. But of course our friend is only a shallow twentieth century reproduction of the great hetairae of the past, the type to which she belongs without knowing it …   Wiktionary

  • aggregate fruit — noun A fruit that develops from the fusion of more than one carpel within a single flower, as for instance, a raspberry. Syn: etaerio …   Wiktionary

  • e|tae|ri|o — «ih TIHR ee oh», noun. Botany. a fruit consisting of a mass of achenes, drupelets, or follicles, such as the strawberry. Also, hetaerio. ╂[< New Latin etaerio < Greek hetaîros an associate] …   Useful english dictionary

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