The set of nucleic acid methylation modifications in an organisms genome or in a particular cell

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  • Methylome — is the totality of methylated DNA sites and the pattern of a genome. It comprises all the positions of methylated cytosine (mC) on healthy DNA. A methylome is a unit that reflects an epigenetic also* Methylomics * omics * Epigenome …   Wikipedia

  • Methylated DNA immunoprecipitation — (MeDIP or mDIP) is a large scale (chromosome or genome wide) technique that is used to enrich for methylated DNA sequences. It consists of isolating methylated DNA fragments via an antibody raised against 5 methylcytosine (5mC). This technique… …   Wikipedia

  • Tiling array — Tiling Arrays are a subtype of microarray chips. They function on a similar principle to traditional microarrays in that labeled target molecules are hybridized to unlabeled probes fixed on to a solid surface. Tiling arrays differ in the nature… …   Wikipedia

  • Methylomics — The omics study of methylome. It is a systematic research that maps the histone codes and methylation patterns of healthy also* Omics * Genomics * Epigenetics …   Wikipedia

  • DNA-Methylierung — Übergeordnet epigenetische Regulation der Genexpression Methylierung von Makromolekülen DNA Modifikation …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • DNS-Methylierung — Bei der DNA Methylierung handelt es sich um eine chemische Abänderung an Grundbausteinen der Erbsubstanz einer Zelle. Diese Abänderung (Modifikation) wird durch die Übertragung von Methylgruppen durch Enzyme (z. B. SUV39H1 HMTase) auf Nukleobasen …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • methylomics — noun The study of the methylome …   Wiktionary

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