A segment of a limb of an arthropod

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  • podomere — n. [Gr. pous, foot; meros, part] (ARTHROPODA) An individual segment of a limb; a podite …   Dictionary of invertebrate zoology

  • podomere — /pod euh mear /, n. Zool. any segment of a limb of an arthropod. [PODO + MERE] * * * …   Universalium

  • podomere — A segment of a crustacean appendage [Wilson, 1989]. A segment of an appendage joined to the body or to adjacent podomeres by joints and capable of independent movement [Warner, 1977]. Any one of the segments of an appendage, such as a segment of… …   Crustacea glossary

  • podomere — pod·o·mere …   English syllables

  • podomere — ˈpädəˌmi(ə)r noun ( s) Etymology: pod + mere : a leg segment of an arthropod …   Useful english dictionary

  • subchelate — adj. [L. sub, under; Gr. chele, claw] 1. (ARTHROPODA) Having an appendage in which the terminal podomere that can fold back like a pincer against the subterminal podomere. 2. (ARTHROPODA: Crustacea) Provided with subchela …   Dictionary of invertebrate zoology

  • carpus — ( ) [Holthuis, 1993]. Schematic drawing of a thoracic leg. [Holthuis, 1993] ( ) [Baba, 2005]. Entire animal, right appendages omitted, dorsal view, based on Munida. [Baba, 2005] ( ) [Baba, 2005]. Endopod of Mxp 3, lateral; and endopod of Mxp 3,… …   Crustacea glossary

  • coxa — ( ) [Holthuis, 1993]. Schematic drawing of a thoracic leg. [Holthuis, 1993] Article 1 of thoracic and abdominal appendages [Holdich and Jones, 1983]. First article of limb, usually short [Poore, 2004]. First or proximal article of leg or… …   Crustacea glossary

  • dactyl — Article 7 of pereopod (article six of cheliped) [Holdich and Jones, 1983]. Diastalmost segment of limb. (Syn. dactylopod(ite)) [Moore and McCormick, 1969]. Distalmost segment of usually 7 segmented appendage; smaller, mesially situated, and… …   Crustacea glossary

  • endite — ( ) [Holthuis, 1993]. Schematic drawing of a thoracic leg. [Holthuis, 1993] A mesial lobe like extension of a podomere or such an extension from the axial part of an unsegmented appendage [Hobbs, Hobbs, and Daniel 1977]. A non specific term to… …   Crustacea glossary

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